For those of you who are going to give some pathetic excuse why you didn't come, we're re-posting the information.   No "Oh, I forgot", "It was last weekend?" or "Those NS guys are assholes!" that's right... No Excuses!For those of you who don't read the news, ignore the banners and don't talk to anyone because you spend all your time wondering where the hotgirl thread went, here's the skinny:Next weekend, April 8/9, it is the D-structure Ski Jam.  See flyer:
At the D-structure D-jam, NS is going to take it over and give away money.  So for everyone that's already booked and ready to rock, it's going to be an insane time.  I'm heading there tomorrow morning to get started on some park tweaks and new features.  The St. Come staff have been more than supportive, and are letting us have some freedom with the park.   Things should shape up super well, and be really fun.  Currently the park is as follows.   Two lines:1)  Starts with 20' flat box.  Run turns left and heads into 30' tabletop with huge landing.  Next is spine feature (as pictured in the flyer above)  After that, 20' long 5' tall stepdown jump, with straightline into next 55' jump.    Outrun of big jump has optional tabletop jump to the right, which only requires minor speed checks.   2)  Rail run starts halfway down on the left.   Starts with 3' tall, 22' long street-style downrail.   This will go into the tall battleship rail, a 12'-12'-12' DFD 4" wide, and finally into a massive flat-down rail.   So the first part of this is doing the D-jam.   You'll just session that park for two days, with a hotel stay and a party in-between.  For those of you that don't party, we're going to setup a small rail outside the hotel and light it up with spots.   You'll be able to see the meyhem from the bar, so really it's a win-win situation.  The SECOND part of the whole thing is NS' Hostile Takeover.   Chris and I are going to have $1000 in cash split between the two of us.   We're going to give it to the NS members that are at the event and skiing hard.  To be honest we haven't planned it much more than that, but we're trying to get a megaphone so that we can yell alot.  Free money + yelling = good time.   Here's as best the rules as I can give:Find an NS staff.   Chris, Me (Doug), Paul and Cam will all be there.   Find us somehow, and utter the phrase "I love".   We will give you an identifying marker to wear (bandana or something like that).   You put it on and go skiing.   Make sure to do tricks and come talk to us, as you never know what's going to win you a shiny new $20 bill.  I'll give $20 to the first person I hear yell "I'm a computer nerd and I LOVE THE INTERNET!".  So that's about it.   Get ready, don't miss it, and for gods sake put the effort into coming.  It's going to make NS history!