Recently, Sklar had announced that the man with the greatest teeth in skiing, Ian Compton, has officially retired from skiing. As someone who grew up watching Ian in Line Traveling Circus edits, this really makes me forlorn. Yesterday on his Instagram, Ian announced, "Tomorrow might be my lasts video for a very long time.#weakend."

Later that day, via his personal Facebook page, Ian uploaded his retrospective edit chronicling his marvelous career from the streets in the East to his wooded abode in Vermont. Thank you for making skiing fun!

"The biggest boss. You're the man Ian." - Evan Williams

"Most genuine dude I've ever had the pleasure of becoming friends with. Keep crushing it Ian." - Taylor Bibaud

"Ian Compton retrospective- feat. monoboarding, pole jams, demon kinks, and some proper VT living. Good times man!" - Freedle Coty

"Don't let the old man retire." - Jeremie Veilleux

"Evil never dies! Kudos, Compton!" - BroBomb