There has been a buzz recently about the new bill purposed in Washington titled SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). The intention of the bill is to stop/block online piracy sites that are illegally hosting and sharing copy written material. But it does not stop there, SOPA would put the control of internet censorship in the hands of corporations (FOX, WARNER BROS, SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, ETC..) letting them ultimately block any content that they deemed as piracy.Long story short, it would be the end of internet as we have known it, something that we the youth, have become accustomed to and help build. To start, good bye Youtube, Google, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook (that’s just a few of many). These platforms under SOPA would be targeted for their free sharing platforms. To have the internet be censored, would ultimately take steps backwards in what is already a historic time for the US and the world for that matter.The argument for the bill is coming from Hollywood lobbyists, arguing that companies dependent on Hollywood, have been losing jobs due to internet piracy. But just think of how many more jobs would be lost if the major tech companies didn’t exist and there was no motivation to create new and exciting companies for the internet. Is this really about blocking piracy or is actually about major blockbusters unable to draw the same crowd to theaters that they once did? (face it, transformers 2 was a waste of money). Yea and people once went to the opera house to listen to music before the radio was invented. Point being, everything evolves and progresses, adapt or you will be left behind has always been the case. Now because Hollywood is unable to keep up, we all will end up paying the price, seems fair right…I was prompted to write this post because our business, Saga, depends on the free and uncontrolled access to the internet. Our very lively-hood could be jeopardized with censorship. To stop at saying that just Saga depends on the internet is a short fall, the snow industry in part depends on it too! What about when you want to upload your season edit and there is no where to host it? You want to go on Facebook and upload photos from you trip and hey, it’s blocked? Also, making your friends jealous from the mountain will be a little more difficult without Twitter, gone. In other words, the internet we have grown up on, the place that has spread information for better or for worse will be no longer available.All we ask is that you, an active user of the internet are aware of the issues that affect you the most (this is one of them). You can go here to read the official letter written to congress from the sites you use most and click here to show your support against the bill. Watch the video below to learn more and go tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and whatever other means you have (learning is good!).