February 1, 2009, Whistler, BC - What happens when you deprive a couple keen Whistler shredders of the nipple-deep powder and high alpine they’ve grown accustomed to? Well, they lock themselves in a small, windowless room and don’t come out until they can give the freeskiing community something to drool over on down days. The result? The new and hopefully improved Doglotion.com – back and badder than ever.

Yep, it’s still a garage-op, run off 2 laptops, an iPhone and some after hours help from the boys at VentureWeb.net, but they just supped up their ride like never before. Rebuilt from scratch but keeping the old content, its what’s under the hood the really matters - what you see now is just to get things going.

What’s new? Better photo & video galleries with easier uploading. Users can pimp their profiles with their latest posts and feeds from their Twitter, Flickr & personal blogs, and score props for how much they contribute. The homepage is eating up and spitting out content like its nobody’s business, and there’s a new backcountry huts section that’s only just getting started. Watch for new features every month.

“Bring out the cough medicine ‘cause it’s gonna be sick!” said the co-creator Jamie Bond, admitting it had nothing to do with anything. “We’re pumped about the new site. It’s been a garage-op’ for years, but it was time to kick it up a notch” said Bond, adding “People are taking skiing and the ski industry too seriously right now. Our new site goes back to Doglotion’s roots – the ruckus, stoke, and behind-the-scenes antics that makes freeskiing what it is. Hold me to that”.

But it wouldn’t be anything without freeskiers contributing to the site explained Bond, putting out a call to “Bring on the goods” and start creating your user profile, adding content, and watching it grow like a magic sponge dinosaur in a bathtub.

Do they want you to spend all day on the site? “Hell no, no way. Go skiing, get’er done, and if you’re still bored afterwards, get online and show us what you’ve got.”