With snow in the forecast for Montana, I made the decision to jump in my Subaru Forester and make the lengthy drive up from Colorado. The expected eleven-hour adventure turned out to be quite lengthier than anticipated as upon reaching the border of Yellowstone National Park, I was hit straight in the face with blowing snow and an assortment of animalsâΒ€¦


Imagine driving on a tiny mountain road with about thirty feet of visibility, blowing snow, and animals popping out of nowhere every hundred feet or so. It somewhat resembled something you’d see in some of my favorite levels of the game âΒ€ΒœBig Buck Hunter Pro.” However, rather than shooting at a digital animal with a fake gun, I was slamming on the brakes as I slide towards deer, raccoons, buffalo, or even wolves. At one point I had a Buffalo charge towards my car. Never have I seen CU Boulder’s mascot Ralphie seem so upsetâΒ€¦

Go BuffsâΒ€¦


Apart from the hazardous drive, I made it safely to my final destination where I met up with the likes of Josh Bibby, Stefan Thomas, and Kyle Decker to do some shooting with Level 1. As my recently purchased snowmobile is out of commission, John Symms was nice enough to loan me his beauty of a sled. Adorned with a custom camouflage paint job, his ’01 Ski Doo is a real dream machine. Thanks for hooking me up with the sled Symms!


Today we were hit with some heavy winds and continued falling snow. As a result, we opted to drive around and plan out our course of action for the coming days rather than attempt to shoot in the flat light. Looks like we have some pretty good stuff lined up for the coming daysâΒ€¦ More updates on the trip coming in the near futureâΒ€¦