I had one of those ‘I feel old’ moments last week when I was going through one of my old camera bags and out dropped an old film canister with an unused film in it.

My son (who is almost 6) was with me and asked me what it was. He was not satisfied with a ‘it’s film’ answer and I spent the next 15 minutes (and have spent quite a bit of time since) trying to explain what this ‘film’ thing is and why it would have anything to do with taking photos.

A new generation of photographers is emerging who have never shot with film.

Yet at the same time I’ve noticed something of a resurgence in the interest in old film cameras and shooting with it. A whole range of blogs have sprung up on the topic (one of my personal favorites is Japan Camera Hunter) and I keep coming across more and more photographers who are investing in classic film cameras and who are moving back to it as their primary medium.

So – lets do the poll. Do you ever Shoot with Film?

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Please expand a little upon your answer in comments below.

If you answer ‘No’ – how long has it been since you shot with film (if at all).

If you answer ‘Yes’ – how long have you been shooting with film? Is it something you’ve come back to or did you never stop?

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Do you Ever Shoot with Film?