Bluehouse Skis is looking to give away all of its assets, FOR FREE, to the perfect candidate. Check out what they had to say below:

"Anybody want a ski company?! It's official. Bluehouse has closed shop and we're ready to pass it along. As a thanks to the community that helped us get started we are offering up our ski company, free of charge, to the next generation. We have benefited huge from the experience of running Bluehouse and we want to see the brand live on. We are offering up the brand, equipment, website, facebook page w/ 10,000+ friends, other social media accounts, relationships, and our know how to help get you started. We are doing this all for free. We are asking anyone that is interested to submit a video to explaining why you want to take over Bluehouse and why you think you would be successful running it.

So what's the catch? Well, not much. Jared, Adam and Dan each want 1 pair of skis per year as long as your new company is operating. Also, we still feel bad that we didn't make whole on the ski design contest (sorry, tough times). So... we'd like the winners of that contest to receive a pair of skis - Soylent Green & camplemur.

Who can submit? Anyone, even if you already own a ski company. However, we are hoping the company will stay in Utah. Deadline for video submissions is March 15th.

What equipment do we still have? Heated adjustable ski press and molds/casettes for 6 models in 2-4 sizes per model (2 molds per model), a homemade 3 axis CNC router, flatbed sublimation graphics press, a few thousand dollars worth of misc. raw materials- base, tipfill, edges and topsheet, a few dozen left over skis, a box full of demo bindings, vertical band saw and some miscellaneous hand tools. Note- we've gotten rid of a lot of stuff so the factory is not turnkey.


We launched Bluehouse in 2007 with the goal of selling great skis directly to end users and cutting out the retail relationship. Along the way we have created strong bonds with many loyal customers and fans. We have produced skis both overseas and in our own factory here in Utah. For the 2015/16 season we decided not produce another ski run and to sell through the small existing batch. As owners, our focus has been pulled in other directions and we have not had the time to give Bluehouse the attention it deserves. After long consideration of selling what is left of the company, we decided that this would be more fun to pass the baton to new ownership."

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