There’s a subgroup of film photographers who are dedicated to coming up with inventive new ways to distress film in order to achieve unexpected — and occasionally beautiful — results. Last year we shared that soaking film in rubbing alcohol does strange things to your images. Here’s another crazy idea: put a roll of film through the dishwasher. Photographer Tom Welland did just that and ended up with some vintage-looking photos.

Here’s what you do:

Put a roll of film through a dishwasher wash cycle

Let it sit around for a few days

Pull it out of the can in a darkroom and dry it carefully using a hairdryer

Roll the film back into the can

Shoot and process the film like you normall would

Welland does warn that you should probably check with a commercial lab before you drop off dishwashed film — the film may ruin their processing chemicals.

Dishwashed Film (via KEH Camera Blog)

Image credits: Photographs by Tom Welland