Discrete Headwear, a rider owned and conceived headwear brand in the snow sport industry, is proud to announce the release of the photos from a New Year’s bash they threw in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The photos showcase Discrete’s athletes, artists, employees and friends having a grand ol’ time.

Angeli Van Laanen, Discrete CFO Clayton Quarles, Jen Hudak

Cody Barnhill, Discrete artist Andy Rice, Todd Ligare

Suz Graham, Jesse Hall and friends.

Discrete ambassador Frankie Welling and Josh Madsen, editor of Telemark Mag (and a fine ambassador to the mohawk).

Discrete had committed to the party, in owner Julian Carr’s words, “with the idea that we were sick of people always asking where the party was for New Year’s.” Discrete was proud to also showcase the plans for future styles of headwear and clothing.

Party People!

Our additional sponsors at the party; Smith Optics, Spyder, Backcountry.com, GoPro, POW gloves, and Atomic Skis threw down prizes for the attendees. “We had a wall sit competition for the GoPro camera, and a push up contest for a Spyder jacket, the rest of the prizes we just threw into the crowd, animals!”, said Carr.

Push up winner, Rex Bush, thanking the crowd after an epic battle, of which he won a Spyder jacket.

Discrete is in their third year of business operations, and has undergone tremendous growth in the last year. This party was aimed to offer something for everyone excited about the brand, “Discrete grew 100 percent from 09/10 to 10/11” says Carr, “we are a fan of people having fun in the mountains and in life, I feel like this party reflects that.”

Athlete Parker Cook bitch slapping Clayton.

Discrete is a unique snow sport brand appealing to snow enthusiasts and hardcore riders alike. “I created and built awareness for Discrete by sponsoring amazing athletes and thinking of unique ways to promote them,” said Julian Carr, Discrete owner.

Jen Hudak and Julian Carr.