As it often happens, I'm currently suffering in a state of extreme boredom. My mind starts to wander, and this time I got to thinking about that little cliche, "digging to china"

With A little bit of help from Google Earth as well as wikipeadia, I've found that you can't dig a straight line from anywhere in north america through the center of the earth and reach the land of fortune cookies and fake communits.

From North America, the "antipodes" (thats fucking nerd speak for "that spot on the other side of the planet in a straight line through the center of the earth") lies in the south central Indian Ocean near a group of islands that belong to the French. I'd also like to note, it look like a crappy place to live.

I don't recomend trying this dig, because from your backyard, you'd more than likely pop up under thousands of feet of water, and you'd probably die. I don't want that on my concious.

So where exactly do you have to start digging if you want to reach the land of mu-shu powk and egg wols?

Buenos Ares, Argentina. Yes. Go there, start digging, and in no time you'll be in Shanghai. Dont forget to have a steak before you begin your dig. The beef in Argentina is the best in the world.

Seriously. I looked this shit up. Its kinda cool huh?

P.S. one footed grinds are gay.