Wind-gusts and snow was what the skiers had to go through today. Many Norwegians and Swedish skiers had to go through slopestyle qualifiers today. 60 was supposed to be 9. Thomas Dølpads and Alexander Aurdal moved on from the qualifiers. Congrats!

Me on the other hand experienced a bit of altitude-sickness. If you don´t know what it is, it´s basically hard-headache, dizziness and the feeling of throwing up. Not the best condition for slopestyle practice. I skipped skiing today.

Here are some photos from the qualifiers:


First part of the course. Two rail features, and then two jumps.

Thomas Dølplads getting ready for his first run.


Russ won the qualifiers today, here is getting ready for his first run.


First rail-feature. Actually it´s a true replica of a high-school rail somewhere in the US. It´s been done a number of times in different snowboard-movies. I like that things like this come into slopestyle-courses.


Tonight I visited the Salomon-house for the first time. Such a big mansion with a lot of good skiers in it. I had to get a new pair of skis mounted and stayed for dinner. Skiing tomorrow, can´t wait!!