Today was the day of the days! Semi-finals in DewTour slopestyle. I was on top of the course at 8.00 this morning, ready to shred.  The training went well and I got my run a few times. I was not sure how I liked the course before today, but I can say that it´s awesome! 2 rail-features into two 20 m jumps. Then a rainbow-box or shoot-out-rail to two major jumps.

First run: Missed the first rail-feature with jumping over the whole thing, and putting my run down okay. I missed the grabs and I got smacked in the face by the judges. 60 points out of 100.

Second run: Made it perfect all the way untill the 3rd jump. I misjudged the speed totally and ending up knuckling a left 7 (supposed to be 9), had to re-vert to switch and knuckled the 4th jump to crash. Game over.

I am superstoked that I got to ski this great park before christmas, and I am starting to like slopestyle again, so much fun!!

My run was something like this:

- Gap to lipslide on the down-flat-down rail

-  270 on the downrail

- Right cork 9 tail

- Switch right 9 rev-tail

-Blind 630 off the shoot-out rail

- Left 9 mute

- Switch right 10 mute.

And, eventhough if I had done this run perfectly, I wouldn´t be able to get super-high scores. That´s how high the level of skiing is nowadays. I think its awesome to both compete and watch slopestyle, so fun and challenging to have to do 7 perfect tricks in one run!


(Photo: Shay Williams)

Norwegian mafia before run number 2. From the left; Me, Pk and Elvis.

Big ups to Thomas Dølplads who now is officially back as a sick skier. He pretty much killed the course today!

Tomorrow is forecasted snow in Breck. I think I will be out early to shred park-lane. Cab, unatty railslides. You know the name of the game; Skiing.