Last stop of the Dew Tour just went down and it ended with a bang. Going into the last Stop of the 3 stop tour I was ranked 2nd behind PK. It was crazy actually having a chance to take the overall Dew Cup. But obviously things didn’t go as well as I would have wanted…

The week before I showed up, I had been looking at the weather report pretty much every day. It was snowing really hard up there up until the day everyone arrived. As we showed up at Northstar the clouds parted and it was blue bird for the next 4 days. The weather really couldn’t have been better. While I was out there I stayed with the Salomon crew including Nick Martini, Matt Walker and Kaya Turski, who all killed it out there.  Nick and Walker both making finals, Nick taking 8th and Walker taking 10th and of course Kaya destroyed the women’s side of things, receiving 1st in slope.

On Saturday The finals went off and the level of competition was at an ultimate high.  All and all I ended up getting 9th while other Salomon athlete Alexis Gobout killed it placing 2nd behind Tom Wallisch. That bumped me down to 3rd overall, Alexis 2nd  and PK 1st . The Dew Tour was one of the best things that have come to skiing, bringing a lot more money and exposure into the sport.  I had an amazing time competing this year in Dew and I am looking forward to it next year.

As for the rest of the season I am going to be going to Europe for 3 weeks. I will be doing the European Open, Sweet Rumble, and JOI while I am out there. I have never been to Europe so I am stoked to go out there and check it out.