The women's big air section of the slopestyle just finished up in Breckenridge. With the injuries in the lead up (Emma Dahlstrom, Tiril, Julia Tanno, Tess Ledeux) it always had the potential to be somewhat of a foregone conclusion, and so it proved.

The lack of snow in Breck limited things to a single big air jump and then the current snow in Breck made the light flat, and the in runs slow, not ideal conditions. On jump round one, Yuki Tsubota set the bar with a sketchy forward 9. Maggie Voisin stomped one of two clean tricks with a smooth 9 blunt putting her second at the end of the round to, unsurprisingly, Kelly Sildaru with a switch 9 mute. To get enough speed Kelly was dropping a whole run above the start tent and straight lining through the start tent, but still made it look easy.

For jump two, bad light and speed played an even greater role. But Kaya Turski and Isabel Aitken put down clean switch 7s to boost themselves up the rankings 2nd and 3rd respectively. But Kelly mirrored her left switch 9 mute with a right switch 9 mute to put herself a full 20 points in the lead.

Round three, Isabel Aitken bumped her score a little with smoother execution to go second and Kim Lamarre stomped a nice rodeo 5. Keri Herman, who had straight aired her second hit due to bad light put down a forward 7. As she herself said, "720 degrees better than her last run". Kaya Turski stomped a right 5 blunt with extra smooth to go back second in her game of cat and mouse with Isabel. Kelly stomped a switch right 9 again, just for good measure I guess.

In the final round Kim Lamarre had a massive overshoot, hopefully her knees are ok because it was a heavy one. Katie Summerhayes unfortunately knuckled a switch 9 which would have boosted her score way up. Maggie Voisin stomped a big right 5 to bump herself up to 3rd. Kelly again stomped, this time adding a blunt but kind of whiffing it. No matter, she finished the event with a near 17 point lead. She really was in a class of her own and going into tomorrow she's going to be incredibly hard to beat.