In the jump section yesterday, Kelly Sildaru blew away the competition with both ways switch 9s. Her 17 point lead seemed pretty unsurmountable going in to the rail section, which she had been killing in the practices, and so it proved. The weather, somewhat predictably for Dew Tour / Breck, sucked.

Run 1:

Katie Summerhayes showed early promise for the rail section with an admittedly sketchy switch on 4 out on the top feature. Devin Logan started off her run with the only trick in the world, and also stomped a clean 2 on to set the first non-crash score at a 72.00. Isabel Aitken put down a clean basic run, with a nice four out of the c-box and put a 67 on the board and take the lead #tactics. Kaya put a clean run down with a 270 disaster and taking one of the harder rails at the bottom for a 77.33 and a big lead. Then Kelly Sildaru unveiled what her ideal run would be... back 3 swap to switch, switch 4 on (she pretty much missed the rail on this), front 4 from the elbow rail and 2 on 2 off at the bottom

Run 2:

Not much change at the beginning of the order. Katie Summerhayes clearly had a pretty solid run in mind but couldn't lace the top trick for a second try, nice 4 out of the flat down on the way down but it was a throwaway. Devin Logan bumped the high jib score up to 78 somehow, despite an early off in the mid section and go third overall. Isabel put down a clean one again and bumped Devin back down. Maggie Voisin put down a real solid run next, back swap, 2 on 2 off, switch 2 pretz 2 and then a lip on switch for 82.33 and second overall. Kaya had a crash on a switch 4 disaster and Kelly sketched out her run to round out the second run through.

Run 3:

Keri Herman finally put her run down clean to put a 50 on the board and Katie Summerhayes put down her run too, switch on 4 out, 4 out (same way), and kfed at the bottom. It all came down to can Maggie Voisin or Kaya Turski score highly enough to prevent a Kelly victory lap. Maggie does land a clean run, and stepped up the last trick to a lip on front 2, but remained second overall by just .34 points. So close. Kaya sketches her switch 4 on and the chance is gone. Kelly couldn't put her run down 100% clean today, but she did make the back 3swap to switch 4 combo in her final run to bump her score up a little. And so she takes the overall win without even landing her jib run clean. That's what a 17 point head start will do for you I guess.