The women's halfpipe finals just went off at Breckenridge under clear blue skies. It was rad to see on the pre-show how excited all the girls who were about to ride looked. The cameraderie between competitors was clear to see, with everyone all smiles and waves for the camera. Mr. Bishop got some arm over the shoulders love as AT-AT quickly posted and gave a shout out to NS when steezyjibber tweeted in. He also bigged up the progression of the girls and picked Roz G as his tip for the win.

After round one, Maddie Bowman led from Annalisa Drew. Ayana Onozuka sadly went down on the last hit of a promising run. Second run, nobody managed to shake up the top two, but Ayana Onozuka managed to come back from her fall to bump up to third with a stylish run. Roz Grouenewoud suffered from commentators curse and couldn't put together a clean run (looking at you Doug!). Maddie Bowman upped her score and last to drop Annalisa Drew, couldn't knock her off the top spot.