The Team Event has been the element of Dew Tour we've been most stoked on since we got involved at the planning stage of the event. It gives teams the athlete selection role meaning a chance to see skiers you might not normally see gracing the competition circuit. In the jib section Quinn Wolferman, Sean Jordan and Alex Hall all featured, and all 6 riders put on one hell of a show.

Run 1:

Alex Hall started things off for Faction and the highlight of his run was gap 450 from lookers left takeoff over to middle double kink rail. Nobody stepped to couple of small imperfections meant a 72.66. Seany J also stomped down his first run with signature style, smooth, clean and powerful for a 71.66. ABM stomped his stock run from yesterday again at first time of asking. It's technical and clean to go first with an 85.00. Gus upped his performance from yesterday with a ridiculous switch 2 up on to the cage rail feature but a bobble on the last which kept his score down to a 79. Quinn Wolferman, follow cammed by T-Hall, couldn't quite keep it together.

Run 2:

Sean Jordan opened his run with both ways 2 pretz 2s, one of the harder combos we've seen in the weekend. Jesper put down his run from yesterday but got slightly sketchy on the bottom rail. He didn't score well for it yesterday but today, his score was 80.33, good for enough for temporary second. Gus definitely stepped up his first run with added pretzels and scored an 83.33. Quinn Wolferman brought an insane amount of style to run 2, grabbing a switch 2 on the second feature and a front two out on the third but it was only good for a 78.0.

Run 3:

Alex Hall sadly couldn't put down a clean run, his first seemed underscored to me but such is complife. Sean Jordan deserves a massive shoutout for doing 3 completely different runs and the judges liked his third, which included a front 6 out of the cage rail, best, rewarding him with an 82.0. It's easy to forget how tech he is but nobody else varied their runs nearly as much over the entire weekend, and every one of the three was sick, props. Gus finally put it down on the last run of his weekend with a ridiculous run, spinning all four ways including a switch 2 up 6 out on the cage feature for 90.0. First place for Atomic going in to round 2.

The big news is thanks to the weather, round 2 of the team event will also take place on the jibs but featuring the jump riders. Check back in this afternoon for that.