Yesterday was a LONG day by all means. Went out at 05.30 to Denver Airport, and got to bed here in Mt.Snow, Vermont at 01.00 am. Went to register for the slopestyle this morning, and went up to see the DewTour pipe finals. It went down!

Forgot my camera, so I had to take pictures with my cellphone, I guess that’s all right.

As you can see, DewTour is kind of a big deal. A lot of spectators, tv-cameras, judges, speakers… Basically   the guys competing here are superstars, at least as long as the cameras are running.

Yeah, as I said. A lot of people watching. I tried to stand on my ski without falling on the icy slopes though. Hitting rails in the public park and just cruising. A lot of good riders that competed in slopestyle yesterday was up for a shred too.

While I sat in the chairlift over the park, I saw a well-known youtube-face doing switch lipslide, to taking up his camera, and filming his friend on the rail.. Regular railslides are getting way to booring I guess.

Went back to the registration-area after a few hours in the slopes, and after checking out the course. I think I am going to go safe on this one, really scary course!

I saw a few of yesterdays run in slopestyle on Tv at the hotel! Sammy C had a sick one!!

Have to go over to the Salomon-guys to see if they have any skis for me afterwards. To bad beeing in a competition without skis!