If you run a contest in Breckenridge in early december, there's a good chance that it might snow a bit. And so yet again a Dew Tour final took place in the middle of a snowstorm, though at least conditions had improved from those that hampered the snowboard event and cancelled women's slope.

Run 1:

Right out the blocks Lyman Currier stuck a run, but missing some grabs docked his score a bunch to 70-something (sue me). Basically nothing of note happened for a while after that until T-Sizzle laid down the style but held back on the tech to get the first score in the 80s. Then Beau-James Wells dropped a banger run out of nowhere with style, left and right dubs... good shit, NS approved. The French camp is super fucking SPORTS, Kevin Rolland goes big, does pipe tricks with mutes, goes second. Alex Ferriera lands pipe version of Gucci (flat), and his down the pipe dub flat is pretty cool but the self congratulatory pole spin celebration is a bit Shaun White. David Wise buttchecks and that's it for the first runs.

This guy in T-Sizzles hype crew was probably in the top 3 highlights of the night

Run 2:

Not a whole lot going on until Birk Irving pulls his ski off mid-mute causing a crash including the follow cam guy #highlight. Byron Wells puts one down after 4-5 runs (finally!) and bumps Alex Ferriera down to fourth. But immediately after him, little brother Beau brings 3 dubs to the table, his first run was smoother but tech wins in sports, and he bumps his score up to 90.4. Team Les Bleus is even louder for the second run if that's possible Kevin Rolland adds a 3rd dub, increases his score, stays second. Captain polespin does know how to boost in fairness and adds a dub 12 to the downpipe dub flat, to go second with a pretty cool run. Last to go David Wise lands his run, goes big, throws down his poles as a post run ender (SPORTS)... and takes the win. I'd disagree with the decision but I'm sure the debate will go on and on, so I'll leave it at that.