Cover photo: Jamie Walter

The individual portion of the inaugural rebooted Dew Tour just finished up amidst a traditional Breckenridge blizzard. The jump section yesterday, definitely had its shortcomings largely due to conditions during the build. But the rail section was straight up dope. It was great to see rails given a true 50% weighting thanks to the format. And that weighting showed in the jib section. The level was insane, there were tons of line options and exploiting them creatively was clearly rewarded (shoutout Jason Arens for bossing the head judge role). Thanks to the jib section, the event as a whole finally felt closer to the claims we at NS made right when the reboot was announced.

Here's how today went down:

Run 1:

Vini Ca$h showed exactly what skiing can be in his first run with a grabbed backslide, a switch 2 to body slide and a disaster 180 to switch 50 on the round flat down rail at the bottom. Nick Goepper had a pretty rad line using the wallride redirect to a wallie 2 on to the second feature and then Jossi Wells stepped it up again with a combo I can't put in words on the wallride to set the first big score with an 85.66. ABM had a sick run including a back 4 out of the cannon rail to cage rail. Fabian Boesch somehow flipped out of the down flat rail at the end for 76.0, docked for average tricks up top for sure. McRae Williams was squeaky clean but lacked the interest. Oystein Braten brought some mad tekkers, 4 on pretz 2 to switch 2 backslide combo up top, and went 3rd/1st overall. Dollo put down his run clean, top trick blind surface swap to front swap switch was sick, the rest of the run was a bit straight lines keeping things down to a 79.66, still good for 4th and 1st overall.

Run 2:

A few crashes started off the run, it's been a difficult weekend for Gus, Alex Bellemare, Vini and Bobby B. Jossi tried to step up his first run adding a switch 6 at the bottom, but slightly sketches the whole thing. If he could dial that, he'd be in the 90s. Jesper put down a nutty run ending with a back 3 swap up top, switch 2 continuing to, back 6 on the cannon/cage and then flair on back 2 at the bottom, 76.33. As the fuccboy put it "Jesper just played a lot of Gnarshmallow as a kid and no one ever told him the physics on the game weren't proper". Woodsy had a seriously tech run but kind of sketched the switch 630 on the second feature, switch 2 pretz 4 at the bottom was money. Henrik puts it down again, stepped up his trick up top adding a pretz 2 out and bumped his score slightly to go third and extend his lead overall.

Run 3:

Vini Ca$h is mad. Nollie 2 on, disaster grabbed backslide, switch 2 bodyslide 2 out, 540 on 180 out. Kinda sketched it though and was judged low. Nick Goepper put down three variations of 4 on 2 out for an 80.0. Jossi fell on his third run but put the switch 6 on down for the crowd anyway, hero. Jesper stepped up the top section of his run, 3swap pretz up top but slight sketchiness results in significant point deduction. ABM went more tech but less smooth in his final run with both switch 2 pretz 4s for which, against the general trend, he get the judges nod and bumps Jossi down to second in jib and off the overall podium with an 87.0. Oystein put down his cleanest run of the contest: 4 on pretz 2, switch 2 backslide, switch on 4 out the elbow, superfed for 83.33. Woodsy crashed again having finally stuck his switch 6. All of which meant an overall victory lap for the one and only Henrik Harlaut.