Whatup everyone!


So this week was the final stop of Dew Tour at Northstar in Tahoe. This event was probably my favorite out of all three Dew tour stops. I flew into Reno pretty late on Tuesday night and luckily ran into Charles Gagnier and his gf... or else I would have been stuck alone in Reno. We ended up getting rooms at Circus Circus in Reno... classiest place I've been to in a while. To get an idea of what it's like, basically its people sitting around the hotel smoking, drinking, gambling and peeing their pants cuz they're wasted. Ah, the good life (no offense to you if you're from Reno).

beautiful lake Tahoe

 Wednesday morning we got out of there ASAP and went up to Northstar. I made a friend; our cab driver, he was super stoked to be driving people who do "backflips and those turney thingies".


Right before Reno, I had gone on a trip to Europe to shoot some urbans and the weather wasn't great there so I was super stoked to see the blue skies while we were heading to Tahoe. I hadn't skied in a lil’ while so when practice started at 1 and the sun was shining bright, I couldn't wait to drop in! The course was super fun and pretty mellow, which is nice! You could tell everyone was just really stoked to be there and not struggling to get through bad weather or a bad course.

 AJ 270 on to down box

Salo got us a place about 15 min away from Northstar, so we were kinda on our own program and pretty far from all the crazyness (which can be good sometimes..). With no internet and my crappy phone with no service, we (Walker, Martini and I) tried our best to keep busy. It was good to get into a good sleeping pattern especially since I'm usually a night owl. Gotta make the best of it!

ma boys

Friday came and I was up top training with the guys. They were doing semis and it was cool to be at the top cuz everyone was just really excited. The level was so high it was crazy. Everyone was so on point and throwing down! The sun was shining and the weather was sweet. It made me want to move my dancing feet... :)

waiting for their turn

Okay... so the next day we all got up and made our way to the finals. It was sweet, I think it was something like 7 out of 12 athletes were Salo. Yeah boiiis! The sun was shining again so everyone was feeling really good. Practice went well for everyone, I was stoked on my line and ready to go. It sucked cuz right before the comp in training, i slipped and dislocated my shoulder. Luckily it popped right back in and I had to keep it down to keep it from hurting too much so I ditched my poles and decided to try and compete anyway. (Yeah yeah.. say what you must about the no poles :P) Stoked I did that cuz I stomped a run I was pretty happy with and ended up pulling it together. Stoked!


That night we all went out to this airplane hanger party in Truckee. Rookie Sean J made it in along with some other underagers (along with me haha) and we all had a good time. I made it home that night and to my team manager's great surprise I made it up by 5 am the next morning to go to Reno. I knew I could do it! haha.


Now I'm just chillin’ in Chicago.. on my way home to Montreal for a little bit. Gonna check out my shoulder and maybe chill there for a week or two and move on to Whistler.


Hope you're all having a great season... keep on shredding! (and I might see you at Jib Academy!)