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Torin Yater-Wallace showed the freeski community a glimpse of the future by becoming the youngest athlete to ever win a Winter Dew Tour final during Men's Ski Superpipe Finals today, with Wing Tai Barrymore in second and Tucker Perkins in third.

Wing Tai Barrymore

Tucker Perkins

The 16-year-old started his run with a double cork 1260 mute, a left 900 tail grab, and a double flair mute, finishing with an alley-oop flat 360 safety to a switch 900 mute.

Torin Yater-Wallace

"My first run couldn’t have gone better, so I wasn’t nervous on my next

run and just sent it,” said Yater-Wallace, following his win. “I went a

little bigger, got better grabs and instead of a switch 7, I went switch

9. I ended up stomping it and I’ve never done a switch 9, so luckily I

landed it. I’m so stoked. I’ve never podiumed at a Dew Tour and I’ve

never gotten first at a pro event, so it’s a good day for everything.”

Torin Yater-Wallace picks up his first win at a pro-level competition.

Men’s Ski Superpipe Finals Results

1) Torin Yater-Wallace - 93.75 

2) Wing Tai Barrymore - 88.50

3) Tucker Perkins - 85.75

4) Justin Dorey - 83.00

5) Kevin Rolland - 80.50

6) David Wise - 78.75

7) Joss Christensen - 77.38

8) Duncan Adams - 76.75

9) Taylor Seaton - 76.50 

10) Gus Kenworthy - 76.00 

11) Noah Bowman - 73.25

12) Xavier Bertoni - 46.25

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Wing Tai Barrymore (2nd), Torin Yater-Wallace (1st), Tucker Perkins (3rd)

A little earlier in the day, the ladies kicked off the afternoon with Women's Ski Superpipe Finals in Killington’s superpipe. Maddie Bowman brought amplitude and style to a run that landed her in first place for the Pantech Invitational and put her in the lead for the race to the Dew Cup. She started with a straight air, to left 900, a second straight air, followed by a left 540 into a right 540, and finished things off with a left 720. Bowman was just as happy for the success of her fellow competitors over the weekend. “I was just stoked to be skiing and to watch all the other girls ski,” she said. “We had a great time and it was really fun.”

Maddie Bowman

Just behind Bowman in second was Devin Logan with an 86.00, while Brita Sigourney grabbed the final spot on the podium in third with a score of 85.00. All of the competitors will have the option to sign over their winnings as a contribution on behalf of freeski icon Sarah Burke. “Sarah was a friend and an idol,” said Bowman, following her win. “She was so kind-hearted, and we’re skiing for her always. She’ll never be forgotten.” For more information, please go to http://www.giveforward.com/sarahburke.

Devin Logan

Brita Sigourney

Women’s Ski Superpipe Finals Results

1) Maddie Bowman - 87.50

2) Devin Logan - 86.00 

3) Brita Sigourney - 85.00

4) Annalisa Drew - 75.25

5) Anais Caradeux - 73.25 

6) Ayana Onozuka - 72.75

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Devin Logan (2nd), Maddie Bowman (1st), Brita Sigourney (3rd)

Prior to Men's and Women's Ski Superpipe Finals, Men's and Women's Ski Slopestyle Semi-Finals went down, where Bobby Brown started off Saturday morning right by taking the top spot as snow fell on Killington. After some concerns about high winds Friday afternoon, slope action was postponed until today, leaving many competitors chomping at the bit to make tomorrow's finals.

Bobby Brown

Brown wasted no time starting off a technical rail section with a 270 on backside 360 switch-up 270 out, followed by a misty flip 450 off the cannon box, into a switch left bio 9 mute, right double cork 10 mute, and a left double cork 10 tail to score a 89.67 on his first run.

Dane Tudor

Russ Henshaw

Dane Tudor and Russ Henshaw also put on stellar performances to finish second and third respectively, and the top 11 men will now advance to Sunday's finals to try to unseat current points leader Tom Wallisch.

Men's Ski Slopestyle Semi-Finals Results

1) Bobby Brown - 89.67

2) Dane Tudor - 83.50

3) Russ Henshaw - 82.50

4) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand - 82.17

5) Henrik Harlaut - 80.83

6) Sammy Carlson - 79.67

7) Alex Bellemare - 79.00

8) Phil Casabon - 78.50

9) Chris Logan - 78.00

10) JF Houle - 77.50

11) Andreas Håtveit - 77.00


12) Elias Ambuhl - 75.33

13) John Strenio - 73.67

14) Chris Laker - 73.50

15) Jossi Wells - 72.83

16) Aleksander Aurdal - 72.33

17) Joss Christensen - 70.33

18) Tim McChesney - 69.17

19) Alex Schlopy - 65.00

20) Robert Franco - 64.83

21) Cody Ling - 62.17

22) Jamieson Irvine - 61.17

23) McRae Williams - 56.83

24) Willie Borm - 54.83

25) James Woods - 54.83

26) Matt Walker - 48.00

27) PK Hunder - 36.33

28) Sean Jordan - 35.17

29) Ole Christian Mustad - 32.00

30) Gus Kenworthy - 29.67

31) Vincent Gagnier - 29.33

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Men's Ski Slopestyle Semi-Finals Highlights

On the women's side of things, Kaya Turski was the best among a stellar field that saw some of the most competitive action of the day. Turski made her way through the course and on to tomorrow's finals with a front 270 on to switch, gap to the down box, a back 270 off the cannon box, and into a right 360, right 540 critical, and capped things off with a huge switch right 720 mute to score a 92.67, while Emilia Wint and Devin Logan rounded out the top three.

Kaya Turski

After the contest, judges had nothing but praise for the entire field, each echoing that they had seen some of the best runs of the weekend out of the women. The top six women from today's Semi-Finals will now compete in tomorrow's finals.

Emilia Wint

Devin Logan

Women's Ski Slopestyle Semi-Finals Results

1) Kaya Turski - 92.67

2) Emilia Wint - 91.33

3) Devin Logan - 86.00

4) Emma Dahlström - 85.00

5) Eveline Bhend - 84.00

6) Dara Howell - 83.50


7) Keri Herman - 83.00

8) Ashley Battersby - 76.83

9) Maude Raymond - 72.17

10) Nina Rusten Andersen - 71.17

11) Meg Olenick - 70.00

12) Maria Bagge - 32.67

13) Emma Whitman - 24.17

14) Rose Battersby - 23.33

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Women's Ski Slopestyle Semi-Finals Highlights

Click here to check out videos from today’s top finishers, and be sure to tune into the NBC Sports Network tomorrow night for highlights from Men's and Women's Ski Slopestyle Finals, as only Men's Snowboard Superpipe Finals will air live on NBC tomorrow at 3pm EST.

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Men's & Women's Ski Superpipe Finals Highlights

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