With the sun shining in the sky the finals of the Dew Tour were set to go and it couldn’t have been better! All 602ft of the Superpipe was ready to be shred to bits and there was one guy who was favourite, Kevin Rolland. With 9 riders coming through qualifying to earn their place in the final (Kevin Rolland, Simon Dumont and Thomas Krief were pre-qualified as they were the top 3 from last year’s rankings) it was always going to be a competition that put everyone to the test.

WIth 900s being thrown left, right and centre, the competition was heating up. David Wise, Gus Kenworthy and Matt Margetts were the standout runners so far but there was only going to be a top 3 to talk about. Kevin Rolland took the crown of Superpipe Champ yet again but local lad Duncan Adams stomped an incredible run to get third place.

Final standings:

1. Kevin Rolland – 94.50

2. Justin Dorey – 88.50

3. Duncan Adams – 88.00

4. Gus Kenworthy – 87.50

5. Tucker Perkins – 85.00

6. Torin Yater-Wallace – 84.00

7. Thomas Krief – 83.00

8. Matt Margetts – 82.25

9. Nils Lauper – 77.75

10. Simon Dumont – 69.00

11. David Wise – 46.50

12. Noah Bowman – DNS

On to the Slopestyle! With the Superpipe finals above being held on the Saturday, all eyes were on the Sunday and the Slopestyle finals. Yet another hotly contested event with Bobby Brown, Russ Henshaw and Alex Schlopy automatically qualifying for the final while 9 others had to battle it out through the quails.

The course consisted of two rail stations at the top, two jumps into another rail station with the option of a wallride, an up-rail and an up-box, finishing off with another two jumps down below.

There were some big names back in the mix after injuries. Most notably were PK Hunder and Alexis Godbout. Alexis has been out for a while with a torn ACL but he’s back in form and had a pretty good run with a disaster 270 on, 270 off, switch 450 disaster on the next rail, rightside cork 9 reverse mute, switch cork 10 tail, ending on a switch 9 mute and a rightside kangaroo whilst grabbing Japan.

The one thing I noticed on the runs from heat 1 were that a lot of the riders had to rely on their second run. There were too many falls from these guys pushing themselves very early on but that will all work itself out once the season is fully underway!

Final Results:

1. Tom Wallisch – 100

2. Nick Goepper – 90

3. Alexis Godbout – 82

4. Gus Kenworthy – 76

5. Russ Henshaw – 72

6. Bobby Brown – 68

7. Alex Schlopy – 64

8. PK Hunder – 60

9. Joss Christensen – 56

10. Jamieson Irvine – 52

11. Chris Logan – 48

12. Andreas Hatveit – 44

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