Men's slopestyle finals popped off today under the cloudy skies of Breckenridge. The top dogs like Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy, Oystein Braaten, James Woods, Dollo, McRae, & Goepper are joined by the hottest up-and-comers in the game; AHall, Cody Laplante, Colby, & Evan McEachran.

Run 1 Highlights:

Plenty of wild shit happened during the first runs of finals. McRae crashed pretty hard, Dollo laced up a triple (?) orbital with ease, Colby was slaying until he got worked on the last jump doing a solid headdrag dub on the knuckle and dropped out unfortunately. Evan McEachran switched it up plenty of double grab variations. Nick Goepper went full jock & sent a big triple to cap off his run and sliding into 1st place with a 92.66.

Nick Goepper

Henrik Harlaut

Evan McEachran

Run 2 Highlights:

Bobby took his triple on the last jump to Big Air Dave zones and looked like he tweaked his knee but we'll keep you updated on that situation. Oystein upped his run and slide into 2nd place behind Goepper. Antoine Adelisse had a great run going until the last jump where he ended up raking his face on the side netting. Dollo got his shit on lock and jumped into first place with a 95, knocking Goepper to 2nd & Braaten to 3rd.

Dollo - 95 Run

Run 3 Highlights:

Carnage ensued for the last run of the day. Gus, Braaten, LaPlante ,Woodsy and Adelisse all ate shit. Dollo did one for the people and maxed out the style for his victory lap of sorts. McEachran has one of the sickest jump games in the comp scene: his switch R dub 14 to switch L dub 12 is mental. Goepper came off a top rail early and settled for 2nd place behind Henrik.