First Run:

This is Newschoolers, so I missed the first 4 runs of slopestyle semis, but judging by the scores I didn't miss much, Robby Franco was on top for a while by virtue of not making any major mistakes. Basically the first interesting thing that happened was Antti Ollila's run, which included a blind surface swap to switch and a backslide back 2 on the massive middle rail feature. Sadly he got sloppy on his jump landings and didn't score too well. It took until Mcrae Williams for another landed run, pushing the bar up slightly with a solid run for 82.40. ABM then added some much needed interest to things, with a pre-tail on the first rail and backslide to frontslide on the transfer rail immediately going first with an 84.40.

Woodsy did the first really solid run of the day. Technical rail tricks, the 4 prerequisite dubs, stylish and clean to ramp things way up with a 90.40. Right after Woodsy, Henrik wore a fetching pink hat and did some gorilla stuff but made a few mistakes, prize for least fucks given awarded here. Vini Cash did a nollie 270 on and a sw2 backslide which was awesome to see but crashed pretty hard which wasn't. Jossi has some fucking STYLE, clean run, second place.

Second Run:

Nothing much happened for ages again, but Antti Ollila put down his run fairly cleanly this time and got shafted with a 73.00 (7th at the time) in my opinion, cleaner than runs above that had bigger mistakes in. Antoine Adelisse put down a solid run with an easy on the eye dub 9 to make it to the finals, slotting in to 5th place. Bobby Brown put his run down to go 3rd, nothing much new but solid. Gus followed suit, keeping things tidy and knocking out Antti (underscored). Jossi Wells laid down a zero spin run which was the highlight of the second runs. Alex Bellmare stomped a handrag dub flat 7 but crashed on his final trick. Joss Christensen squeaked in to the finals with his final run.

Last chance Qualifier:

The 11th-16th place guys got a 3rd run with reset scores to compete for the final 2 spots. The light seemed to have improved and Noah Wallace stomped his run right out of the gates, for an 85.60 setting the benchmark. Fabian Boesch raised the bar with a massive stomped run for 88+. Finally we saw some landed runs and Oystein Braaten bumped Noah Wallace to take the final er... final place.

11. Fabian Boesch

12. Oystein Braaten

Basically though, if you made it through all 66 runs awake, well done. Highlights were pretty few and far between, lots of crashes. At least Doug was looking good. Tune in tomorrow for Women's Pipe finals and Saturday/Sunday for some other skiing and some Doug antics.