Words by Jeff Schmuck

Photo by Julie Weinberger

Tanner Hall continued his dominance of the halfpipe circuit tonight under the lights in Breckenridge by winning the men's superpipe at the inaugural Winter Dew Tour.

Justin Dorey began his promising year by placing second with one of the most technical runs ever laid down in a pipe, and Duncan Adams' hard working and dedicated attitude helped him pick up right where he left off in yesterday's prelims by placing third.

We'll have a full report on the event tomorrow on the site, so stay tuned, because for now...it's party time. Check out the top 10 results below.


1) Tanner Hall - 90.75

2) Justin Dorey - 85.50

3) Duncan Adams - 81.00

4) Peter Olenick - 79.50

5) Simon Dumont - 78.75

6) Xavier Bertoni - 75.00

7) Kevin Rolland - 70.75

8) Taylor Seaton - 67.50

9) Lyndon Sheehan - 64.75

10) Walter Wood - 27.00