Desperate Housewives - Episode Recap 7.11: "Assassins"Keith (Brian Austin Green) replants Bree's garden after the riot. She comments how she's drinking out of a bottle now, just like Keith. Complete slob, what does she see in him, soon she'll be a slob too. A classy slob if there is such a thing, ha. But maybe not so soon, since she throws out Keith's stuff that she doesn't like and won't fit into her decor, like his lava lamp. Keith: "My stuff is clumsy." Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) returns to stay with Bree on the pretext Judy kicked him out. Keith reluctantly agrees to him staying. Like it's his place and besides he should know Bree wouldn't kick Orson out if he needs help. But he has to be here for a reason. Orson remarks on Keith's cologne but he doesn't wear any, no, that's just B.O. (Body Odour) Yuk! Bree isn't in a rebound relationship and Orson can't understand why Keith would want to change her since she's perfect. Too perfect at time. Gaby and Carlos (Richardo Antonio Chavira) take Juanita for therapy. Carlos only wants to make her better, whilst Gaby secretly pines for Grace. Well, she's not exactly Gaby's saving grace. Gaby says she took her doll shopping. Cos at the first sign of trouble everyone turns to retail therapy! The Therapist advises them to "remove Grace from their life." The detectives inform Paul that every one of his neighbours have an alibi, and want to question Beth. Paul refuses as she's not a suspect and she's the only one he trusts. Well that'll change. (She's not exactly Mary Alice).