This Saturday NS Team Rider, Denise Jaworsky, took the first place spot on the podium at Tremblant’s first jib contest of the season. After withstanding almost 4 hours of minus 30 million degree weather, the judges unanimously decided that she was the best female skier in the competition. They also thought she was so good that she could take second and third place as well. The format of the competition consisted of three thirty minute jam sessions on the c-box, the trapezoid rail and the flat-down-flat. Eight male and one female riders advanced to the finals which was a 2-hour jam session on the flat-down-flat to down-kink series with the best 2 out of 4 runs counting. Riders could session until they felt solid and then they would let the judges know when they were ready to be judged. While Denise kept it real on the women’s side of things, JF Houle managed to take the win in a very impressive men’s field. Later that night at le Petit Caribou we met up with her to ask her how she felt about her performance in the contest. “Over the years, I’ve been getting really good at winning by default, and today’s competition was no different. The other girls just make it so easy for me by just not showing up,� comments Denise on her podium sweeping results. “I’ve seen a bunch of girls ripping it up in the parks around here, so I don’t understand why the turn out for the comp was so bad. I also don’t understand why Matt Harvey has been dancing for the past 2 hours still wearing his XL Oakley puffy.� [Ed: Harvey says the french girls dig it. Especially the older, hoochy, tube top, hip thrusting type.] Although no one can really complain about winning, Denise is really disappointed by the poor turn out of women in the event. And on that note, we are turning this news article into a shameless product plug for Progression Ski Camps. The registration deadline has been extended, so if you haven’t gotten your forms in yet, it’s not too late. There will be a ton of killer prizes from all the fantastic sponsors, so if skiing with Sarah Burke wasn’t enough, you can now ski with Sarah Burke and get tons of free stuff. SBC Skier and Ski Presse Magazines will be joining to provide media coverage for the event. Check out and hurry up and register for the Blue Mountain camp which will be held from February 13-15, 2004.