Dendrite Studios Is Live

WHISTLER, BC (December 31, 2009) - Dendrite Studios is a creative production company focusing on the visual realm of outdoor adventure. We are committed to showing the exhilaration and enjoyment of playing within the forces of nature that only new perspectives can bring. Dendrite Studios is comprised of Athan Merrick and Nicolas Teichrob, and we are located in Vancouver, Roberts Creek, and Whistler, British Columbia.

"We are very excited to be challenging the big dogs of the ski film industry this winter," said Co-Director Athan Merrick. Co-Director Nicolas Teichrob adds, "With this film project, we are stoked to bring great imagery and interesting story-lines to a broad audience".

'Perspectives' is a series of web clips that will be released by Dendrite Studios throughout the winter. The first two are available immediately with the launch of the website Dendrite Studios' debut film will be landing on planet earth in Fall 2010. This film seeks to bring a new look into the ski film industry, while unveiling some of the excellent ski talent around Whistler, BC.

Dendrite Studios is currently seeking sponsorship partnerships to bring new content and a fresh outlook to the ski industry.

Have a fun and safe holiday season!


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