Our December started off with us impulsively deciding to drive to colorado. We packed up the truck and the sled, and headed off with Dan Bruton to Colorado. We met up with Sean Hartel and his team once we got there.We left town around mid day monday with hopes of arriving in Colorado early morning tuesday for some backcountry. During our journey we encountered various odd sites and smells (mainly in Idaho).

Its great to see the gas prices where they are! Averaged about 1.60 per gallon!
Well like DUH!!! "Back off im going to fart!" Told you Idaho is an odd place!Once we hit Colorado the roads turned to a giant sheet of shiny ice. This set us back several hours. So finally after 22 painful hours in the car we arrived on top of Vail Pass ready for some backcountry. Unloaded the car, fired up the sleds, and off we went.
Lunch Break!!!After a lunch break and no luck with anything in the morning we headed to a new zone a few miles away. The sun was setting fast, but we were determined to get a sunset shot...
Colorado sunsets are sick!After that cliff and switch pow session it was time to get back to the truck... well that was the plan. The first of many snowmobile nightmares began. One of two snowmobiles (I accidently overheated camerons smowmobile earlier that day) wouldn't start and we were in a way stuck back there. The sun was down and the temperature was dropping fast and below zero. Sean came to the rescue and worked his magic on the sled by towing it a little ways then starting to start it (cameron was actually trying to start it while it was being towed, but didnt realize the kill switch was on the entire time he tried). Thankfully the snowmobile started and we were going to try to put this day behind us...The next day we headed out with new hope. But that was killed fast when we arrived at our first jump zone and it was socked in by clouds. Then on top of that the condensation from the clouds created a nice ice crust on top of the pow.We went on our way to find a new zone after that. Sean's tether cord on his sled snapped making it virtually impossible to start his snowmobile. So we were left with one, which happened to be camerons and wouldnt start either!
Somehow a Spark Plug got lost somewhere in the front end.
Pull Dan Pull!Finally the sled started up, but only stayed idle for a few seconds and died again. Long story short our day was done; however, our trip most definitely was not. Later that evening we met up with Mr Gus Kenworthy, who told us he was determined to have the closer in our movie for next season... We will se about that...We then headed to a sweet bomb drop spot, but we were immediately kicked out and told that if we were caught hitting anything on public property anywhere in Dillon that all of our stuff would be confiscated. So we headed over to break to slay some more urban. That night we heard about a storm that was heading for the Northwest, so we called up Sugar, Dylan, and Christian and told them to hurry up to Bend, where we would meet them for some urban. Another 22 hour car drive (missed a turn, oops) and we were back at home ready to film some urban.
One of many sunrises and sunsets we encountered in our 44 hours of driving in 5 days.
Christian Mares doing whatever he is doing...
Sugar Dorszynski Thuggin it...
Dylan Curry just being Dylan...Once they arrived we got immediately to slaying some urban in town...
Sugar locked in on this crazy sorta kinked s rail.
Sugar showing off those Boone's.
Christian Mares sliding out. Doesn't look too bad, but he ended up landing on his back on a rock.
Christian Pressin the nose.First couple of rails we hit were warm ups with various 270s, nollies, and other combinations being thrown down. The next few days we continued to hit urban in bend before heading down to Southern Oregon for some more urban.
Sugar settin up for a spin out of this rail to drop.
Nollie Action
Dylan Curry showing his style on this bomb drop
Sugar and Dylan decided to hold up traffic by skiing across the streetWe headed down to Southern Oregon three different times. First time we spent mainly slaying one rail, which Sugar showed his determination by trying a rail transfer for a good 2-3 hours. The rail was not prime for the transfer, but he was going to try until he couldn't any longer. This was of course after he got various 270s and switch ups. Oh and Dylan was also slayin and bangin the rail all night long.
Dylan Bangin on that rail.
Stomach slide!
A little bird on the rail cant hurt.During this week long period Oregon was experiencing its coldest temperatures in years. Some nights it got well below zero with wind chills approaching -30. Of course, I was still out there in my basketball shorts filming on occasion. Okay, so that actually only happened at one rail, and I ended up with frost bite on my face.
K Lake even froze over completelyA second attempt at traveling to Southern Oregon didnt end up so hot. Getting booted from one of the most prime rail mating grounds and then a generator dying, left us shotless on that voyage. A few days later we headed back down south. The first rail we set up was actually copper, which we found out was unslidable after we set it up. Then we came to this down flat down at a families house. We politely asked them if we could ski it and they were actually excited to allow us to do it. They were nice people and they later fed us some of the best coffee I have ever had. Thank You Smith Family!
Dylan Curry on the Down Flat Elbow Down at the Smith residence.
Dylan bangin on the rail again.
Sugar with the annual nut shot
Shugz gettin all hyphy with the switch tails over.After that night it was almost Christmas and time to head south to Reno Tahoe...
Southern Oregon after the stormsWhile I was filming with Sugar, Dylan, and Christian, Cameron was off doing his own things with Justin Norman and friends...
J Norm standing in the sunset
J Norm pressin it out on the ledge at sunsetJ Norm and his buddy Collin found this unique feature on the roof of a school and decided to session it...
CollinBoth Collin and J Norm got their shots quickly, and after not too long the cops showed up...
J Norm and Collin talking to the officerThey ended up getting a pretty hefty fine for being on the roof. The powder up at the mountain just kept coming and coming...
I think thats Taylor in the pow
Lucas Wachs stoked on the new snow
Taylor Garbutt building the landing for this drop rail...
TaylorI headed back down to Tahoe right before a Christmas storm, which turned out to be perfect for filming urban in Reno and for getting some shots in the backcountry...
The evening before the storm
Sugar K-Feddin it up in RenoAfter some urban filming we decided to head back to the backcountry with KC and Christian before the warm and crappy snow came. We successfully built our first decent sized booter of the year. The session was filled with flat spins by KC and super corked switch spins by Christian. It eventually ended after they found out the hard way that the coverage was not amazing. Yup that means both of them landed on the same rock...
Christian Mares Hiking to the jump spot
Last little shapping
KC Checking the speed
Christian getting super corked on this cab 5After a day in the backcountry it was time to head home and start off the new year. A little break from traveling and awaiting on some weather issues and we are ready to get back on the filming trail. Our due up trips in the next week are an urban mission to up state NY and another urban trip down to Tahoe. Should be fun and oh yeah SIA is coming up soon!See everyone around and keep checking back for updates! :)-Bentley Atteberry