Mustache I got for Christmas.

Evening Saga Fans!

Thought I’d fill you guys in on what’s been happening since my new Saga signing!

My season began in Colorado with some shredding and “training” followed by the Dew Tour! I decided to do the dew only a few weeks before the contest, as I was somewhat over the whole contest scene. I sure am stoked I decided to go in though because I ended up qualifying for the whole tour! I sketched out a bit on my run in prelims and missed finals by 4 spots but, I am super pumped for the UT stop!

After Dew I took a longgg 20 hr drive back with besties Joe and Cameron Schuster from Breck to Fernie, BC.

Cheese Schuster, not looking creepy.

I met up with my hound Rex and family at the family cabin in Fernie.

The hound stealing my toque during a drive induced hardwood floor sleep.

Family shredding over the holidays was great fun, and I ended up getting some sweet shit for christmas, like a new sledding helmet!

Haggard Christmas Tree. Cosco family tradition.

My oldest brother Teddy and Ma and Pa.

For new years, the Vernon crew and I headed to Monashees Powder Cat Skiing, which was incredible! With good to very good avy conditions, a cat and, Shua Bibby’s, and my sleds, we had epic pow and were extremely pleased with the trip. on sled while the rest of the crew scopes lines from the cat.

My first trip of the OH-TEN year was to Whistler where Blackcomb had built TJ Schiller and I a nice kicker to session with PBP. Although the weather didn’t pan out so well, we had a ton of fun and even learnt a few new tricks.

TJ being cute.
Puttin on the foil.

Also got to check out my good friend HathBanger at Buffalo Bill’s on Tyler Hamlet from PBP’s birthday!

Chug Life/Peak Season star Reed Speedman
Hath killing it.

As of right now I sit in Whistler, watching the rain continuously fall, and prepare for my next long drive to Utah. Can’t wait to go pow skiing again!

PS-Chug Life 8 dropping in a few weeks!!

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