Recently, the month of December has been pretty lackluster compared to recent Marquette winter seasons. However, in the past week the temperatures have been dropping and the snow has been falling, which only means more SHREDDING! The only goals for this 2009/10 season is to have fun, not get injured, and progress...and drink. Needless to say we have been doing just that. With the addition of Dan Klim it has forced me to be involved in a 9 night and counting drinking bender. I am not complaining, i just believe i am becoming an alcoholic. The shred has been real fun, tomorrow (Dec. 20th) we are headed on our first urban endevour of the season. However, i wont be shredding because of a past knee injury; i will designated film/banshee bungee coordinator. Areas of interest are Iron River, Mi and Phelps, Wis. many sick rails over there, cant wait to see what happens.

Stay Tuned