There are some days you just feel you have to go out and ski, eventhough you are dead beat. Today was one of these days, sunny outside, booring inside at the motel. I hate days off like this, and at 12 I couldn’t take it anymore.

I took the bus to Breck. While waiting I found myself standing in this wonderful scenery. Warm and sunny mid-January.

The medium-park was kind-of crowded as any other day, not too strange if we take a quick look at it. It’s pretty amazing what they have managed to put up in this small slope. Bottom’s first, bunch of rails after two mellow jumps in a row.

Last jump, funny!

5th jump of a total 6 in the medium line.

The section in between the two jump lines. Bunch of rails and boxes again. As you might understand, 5 hours in this park is not like an average Norwegian or European park. It’s way more exhausting, and it’s nearly 4000 m. above sea-level too!

Middle-jump, fun too. It’s bad when it comes to days like this. Everything is set to be perfect, except the fact that the human body is only human… We are not superhumans, as I sometimes wish I were.  My body just said no today. Strike three right there. Crashing all over the place, couldn’t even land switch 540’s, haha. I called it a day after two hours of failure. Tomorrow is, wether I like it or not, a day off.

Going to Silverthorne to check out the Nike factory outlet, and maybe to the gym? Need to maintain the rest of what is called muscles. Skiing really takes the toll on your body, and I am not thinking of just let it expire.