It's the first day of real powder that has hit the mountain all year. Naturally my friends and i are stoked to carve up this beautiful snow. We head over to the small t-bar placed in the middle of nowhere on the slope. (Everyone knows that to get to the real shit you have to go where it looks least appealing.) We arrive at the top and make our way to the drop in zone. This is really intense because if the powder isn't just right you could end up ruining your ski's. We look down into the gorge where a river runs through and boulders are everywhere and we were ecstatic. Perfect. We drop in carving out this one Gorge. Each boulder making a jump that sends you sailing into deeper and deeper joy. Just when you think it can't get any better you hit the perfectly natural east coast tree root that sends you, your ski's and pole's flying into the white abyss. Don't Worry it only takes about 40 minutes to find your gear and pride. The best part about this east coast phenomenon is that it will happen over and over again until you learn to float like a man so filled with steeze that he needs a rope to pull him down every time he hits a jump. The powder keeps refilling day after day and you never have a dull moment. I found the key to skiing tree's in deep deep pow is to spot your line, then mix that shit up and go wherever the snow pulls you. Even if you end up hucking a cliff over a few snowmobile's its the most legit snow you will have ever skied in your life. Intense skiing does not find east coast skiers. We head out with our ski's in our hands and we hunt down the most intense area's and wrangle them in. East Coast skiers set out in the morning with an agenda to ski what was mean't to be unskiable and to make it their own. P.L.R East Coast