The ride has been beautiful, sweaty, grueling, challenging, peaceful, intense, joyful and spandex ridden. I've worn more spandex for more amount of time consecutively then any other time in my life and everyday will elongate that record. I think Max is going to live in his spandex after all is said and done. He tends to stay in his longer then everyone else when we are done riding for the day. i wouldn't be surprised if he tries to bring it to freesking. We have been cruising pretty good the last couple of days, pounding out 70 mile days pretty consistently and are right on schedule. My girlfriend and Captain of the support vehicle, Anglie has been especially helpful making this all happen. She's bent over backwards and sideways to meet us in the right spots, cooks us wonderful breakfast and dinners, go shopping etc. yeah she's killing it.Anyway, I've gotta get on the road. I'll uplaod some photos next time and share with all of you how amazing this trip has been thus far!Garmin Connect - Activity Details for UntitledShared via AddThis