Some of the Moment team showed up in Bend, Oregon on saturday night, while others followed the next day on sunday. Sunday we decided to go up and ride around in the public park for a fun day "shreddin with the crew yo." After that we headed over to meet park manager Hames Ellerbe to talk about our set up. We decided on a couple cool features. We spent most of the first part of monday messing around and scoping out the jumps. In the late morning the session finally began on our first of two booters. Cedric Tremblay Fornier Killin it with the Misty 9 The Giant Goes Giant. Reference the people on the knuckle. After destroying the booter, we headed over the open lodge for a healthy and hearty lunch filled with sugar and fat. Our lunch ended abruptly as the sleds fired up and we were ready for the massive gap jump in the lower part of the park. Big Jump Travis and Lucas doing a cute doublesFor now we are off the the mountain for our second day of filming. Stay tune for tons of more pictures and most likely a video!!!!!Special thanks to Hames and Jason Badgley. Photo Credit: Andrew Golden