After the 7-shifts of work last week, I feel that it was my duty to relax today. Allthough I woke up to rush to the gym, wash my car, trim the lawn etc… I still feel like it has been a good day with a few brakes.  Had a good hour watching my new favourite show; Two and a half men.

I have to mention that it is Ida’s birthday today, and she has been away most of the day, so it doesn’t really count as a birthday afterall. I had yet to discover the world of playing cd’s while djaying, not mp3′s. I love it!

Haven’t quite figured out how it worked untill today. And now it is all about the cds. So nice to touch the music for once, and not just see it on a screen!  I updated my cd-map, and I think I have something like 20-25 tracks. Not much, but I’m burning each track on a single cd.

In the mix. Not likely to be a pro anytime soon, but I am learning. And I love music, makes sence to mix the music up.

I think I have found myself a nice little hobby beside skiing.