David Wise wins Aspen Open Half Pipe


On a perfect pipe under sunny skies, 18 year old Rossignol team member David Wise laid down a huge and technical half pipe run to win. It’s an amazing accomplishment considering the talent pool these days. The Aspen Open is a special event as it’s the only real open to happen in North America this year and takes place on the same course as X games which was 2 weeks prior, attracting the sports best fresh talent. The young kids have all the tricks with tons of style and many of the competitive runs from both the pipe and slopestyle course could have easily podiumed with the big names at X.


Rossi highlites include stylish and flawless pipe runs by Nathan Wood from Calgary. He was 5th overall. Along with David and Nathan there was tons of Rossi athletes throwing down and placing high on the result sheet. You’ll be hearing these names more in the future; Colin Vaykovich, Ryan Waddell, Dale Talkington, Clayton Vila, Sam Ferguson, Tim McChesney, Chapman Geer, Lucas Perin, Chris Logan and Parker White


Great job from the whole team. We’ll be releasing some webisodes from Aspen Open in the next week