You could argue FIS are outdated and arrogant. And now even the guys on top of the competition ladder are fed up with them, as David Wise so eloquently reveals in a blog post explaining his decision to attend X-Games rather than the FIS Freestyle World Championshipin Austria. It's brilliant to see all the top riders shunning the FIS event and attending X which, for all its imperfections, at least has its place in the roots of our sport.

"This time FIS has made an unforgivable blunder; one based in arrogance and in a true lack of respect and knowledge of our sport."

"When the FIS World Championship schedule was announced many voices, including mine, raised concerns over the scheduling conflict. We offered many solutions, including moving ski halfpipe and slopestyle to the very beginning of the World Champs so that we could still attend both events. FIS obstinately refused to work with us in any way. That is the arrogance that we are dealing with; arrogance that is rooted in 105 years of history. I honestly believe that FIS thought we would skip the X Games to attend World Champs. They are THAT out of touch with our sport"

Make sure you read the full blog here: it's well written and gives a real insight in to what the FIS are up to in Freeskiing.