Cover photo: Klaus Polzer

It was always on the cards with this year's Audi Nines setup. In fact, it felt somewhat inevitable. But just 20 or so minutes ago the press release arrived in my inbox: it's official, David Wise has broken the (a) record. The American soared a whopping 11.7 meters (38 feet, 4 inches) above the coping of the Nines quarterpipe to banked landing, the highest air yet on this style of jump.

“I was just enjoying myself and I started going a little higher each time,” said Wise. “I never got to the point where I was terrified. I eventually got some butterflies, but butterflies in a good way. We just kept going higher and higher. It was really nice to have a measuring system in place so I could do a jump, find out immediately how high I was, and then go do another jump,” he added. doing so he eclipses Simon Dumont's previous record of 35 feet by a whopping 3 feet. Well, technically at least. If we're comparing the two, Wise didn't land in the same quarterpipe he took off from, rather a higher banked landing. According to the press release, "the ramp on which Wise achieved his high air was a modified version with a banked landing to increase the safety of the jump. The design of the feature took cues from a similar obstacle used by Danny Way to set the current world record quarterpipe air in skateboarding, and incorporated input from legendary snowboarder Terje Håkonsen, the current record holder in his sport."

I'll let the audience argue this one out. Regardless, that was massive. Here's Simon's for reference: