Originally slated to be a rail and pipe jam, the Pipe Dreams Festival at Blue Mountain was quickly tweaked to a triple rail competition. It was in jam format, with all the competitors, skiers and snowboarders, first hitting the high flat rail, then the wave rail (called a multitude of things like the whale back... call it whatever you want!), and then moved onto the 50 foot flat rail. Dave Pauls took 1st on the wave rail doing a 450 safety off the end, and 2nd on the other two rails with a front flip off the high one, and a blind-side switch up and 270 off the 50 footer. Charles Grant took 1st on the high rail with a 630 off. Rumour has it he did his first 450 off a rail moments earlier and then stepped it up for the win. The prizes consisted of a lot of K2 hoodies and random CDs of artists most people had never heard of. But hey, entry was free, and Blue had a pretty impressive park set up considering the amount of snow! Big thanks to Jodi for hooking us up with passes. And thanks to BlindBlinds for making a timely donation allowing Chris and I to eat. That ruled.