$155 million this weekend, and first on IMDB with scores of 10 it was hard to

find anyone that had anything negative to say about the movie. If you look back

at the earlier reviews though there is a good page and a half of people

trashing the movie, and while I agree with some of their points I have written

this to try to give the least unbiased perspective, from neither a batman nerd,

and dark batman movie hater, to express a movie that will I am sure be remember

as a great one for many, many years.

So the circumstances surrounding this

movie with Heath Ledgers death provoked a lot of extra hype around this

movie, especially around joker’s performance, so I tried to go into the movie

with as little bias, and believing that it was no more than hype. Even as

leaving the theater I told my brother I would have to sleep on it and let it

sink in so I could properly critique it in the morning.

I believe that it

was well written and thus causing the acting to be decent. Some of the story

was a bit iffy to me, for example I would have liked to have heard more about

the jokers background as it provoked at lot of interest to see what were the

things in his life to drive him to such antics. You have to have a dark sense

of humour to enjoy some of his antics (hospital scene). Some of the plot didn’t

make perfect sense either to me. For instance when batman decided to save

Harvey Dent rather than his ex Rachael, when they were running from the building

about to blow up I would have thought they would have been sprinting for their

lives but it didn’t seem like that, batman didn’t even try protect him really

or anything, they barely if jump away, and thus causing Harvey to become two


As for time, I must be honest and say a

few times I did wonder how long it would continue only that because of the

intense scene where I was amazed at how much longer it could continue, although

Heath performance was great and yes he will win at least one Oscar, I would

have liked to see more appreciation for Dent (two face). His acting was great

as well. As for Christian as batman his acting wasn’t superb I didn’t see

anything from him that really surprised me but overall the action kept me in my

seat through the full 2 hrs and 30 mins (roughly) and will definitely be a

movie to live on in its epicness

As for Heath Ledger, to go out on a

role, well its not really possible to go out on a role bigger than this, as it

doesn’t get any bigger, seeing him in the last few scenes you had to think to

yourself would this be the last scene he would ever be filmed in? To say the

least you cant get any bigger than his last role really and ill admit he played

his character very well, and I’m sure he’ll always be a legend.

I'd like to close by saying, out of 10 i would give this movie 9, not a 10, because although this is a very special movie, and will live on as an epic one by most, the movie had to have been perfect, and perfect it was not.


Pippin Lee