Has anyone ever snuck-up on you while you were dancing all out to an ipod? Well, it actually happens to me all the time... seems I dance a lot :-) Anyways, these candid photos reminded me of a quote for the day:DANCE like no one's watching,

SING like no one's listening,
And LOVE like you've never been hurt.
Drink of the day:Strawberry juiceClean and cut strawberries.Place in pot of water and simmer for 60-80 min ( The time simmering depends on the amount of water. Your goal is to let the liquid absorb the juices and then thicken up into a syrup. Make sure not to boil the berries, the syrup will burn to the bottom of the pot.)Strain liquid and let cool.Place in the refrigerator to chill.Mix with water or lemonade & agave or organic cane sugar to taste.(It's fun to serve strawberry lemonade with a few cut strawberries on top of the ice.)Enjoy.?Ang