The Dalbello Jam Session contest is now live!

You think your rail game is up to snuff? Think you can challenge the rest of NS for pretzel supremacy? Newschoolers and Dalbello are pleased to announce the return of the Dalbello Jam Session contest. This is your chance to test your skills against the Newschoolers community for a shot at glory (and some new gear) courtesy of Dalbello.

The complete rules and schedule are available on the contest page but here's a quick run-down of the contest:

Seeding Round: Nov. 1 - 14

Voting Round 1: Nov. 15-22

Voting Round 2 (Head to Head):Nov. 15 - Dec. 1

Voting Round 3 (Head to Head): Dec. 4 - 11

Final Voting: Dec. 14-21

And of course, the prizes:

1st - Dalbello Il Moro Team Comp Boots and a Dalbello Hoodie

2nd - Dalbello Rampage ID Boots and a Dalbello Hoodie

3rd - Dalbello Hoodie

4th - Dalbello Hoodie

Last year's winner. Think you can beat it?

The seeding round is now open! If you aren't lucky enough to be shredding early season, start digging through last year's footy - there's a banger in there somewhere.