Image via The Fancy

IKEA may seem like nothing more than a necessary evil for those who don’t wanna drop a full paycheck on a single piece of furniture (and hey, their pre-fab systems and some in-store displays are actually quite innovative…), but this here is some next level shiz: an eco-friendly, cardboard-bodied digital camera.

Shoots/stores up to 40 images, uses AA batteries (which, if you can find them hiding in the remote control, are a lot more convenient than clunky camera batteries which require special chargers), and it even features a super-handy swing-out USB plug for downloading your pure photo gold.

Not available in stores yet, but anticipated soon. And… not saying this will replace your iphone/droid, but I guarantee it’ll be a conversation-starter at parties or on location for your next commercial gig…


via engadget.