I recently sat down and talked to Durk. the winner of the first round in the first ever NS Rap Battle, and a childhood frind of mine, we covered all your basic subjects.

(Listen to Rap Battle, and Bishop Inteview me here : http://media.nscdn.com/uploads/content/NSRadio/NSRadio_181006_BP_and_Rap_Battles.mp3 )

Brian Landrigan: dood

Liam Durk: bp nigga is free reppin everything from the 443

Brian Landrigan: yeee im interviewing you for my blog

Brian Landrigan: RIGHT NOW!

Liam Durk: AHHH!!!!!

Brian Landrigan: What's it like winning the first ever NS.com Rap Battle?

Liam Durk: pretty rad. it was very much the highlight of my night and with u BP, it couldnt havebeen a sucess.

Liam Durk: without

Brian Landrigan: Who are your influeneces?

Liam Durk: in skiing or in my everyday life

Brian Landrigan: Well for rap, skiing, and well sharpling gnar

Liam Durk: well skiing, it would have to be Dylan Datale. he is my favorite skier. Hes black like me so its a perfect fit. in rap..i would say deltron, Nas, DMX, and dialated peoples

Liam Durk: Natalie

Liam Durk: god im to high to be typing

Brian Landrigan: ahhahahh

Liam Durk: btw im listening to miles davis

Brian Landrigan: Is the Hash an important part to your life?

Liam Durk: so im a luittle spaccey

Liam Durk: Well hash is important in my life. I aint emo so i wouldnt say its my life. I would like to make a quick shout out to the 420 Cult, you kmnow its friday night and u want some afternoon delight

Brian Landrigan: Do you enjoy the bling next to your name?

Liam Durk: You know, i thought i would be stoked on the little green feller but im not. It doesnt feel legit...everyone knows it aint...so Bishop ull be getting an actual money donation eventually after i get my skis

Brian Landrigan: Word, thats a really core thing to do

Brian Landrigan: explain how lame sudbury is

Brian Landrigan: this is too weird

Liam Durk: lol

Brian Landrigan: explain how lame sudbury is

4:10 PM

Liam Durk: sudbury sucks. it does lame ass po. hoes that order limos. poser that buy dimes. milfs that are really fine. Really nice design, But girls dont have the time, wiggers that try to ryhme, pedifiles that pay the fine, tree hugers that hug pricky pines.

Liam Durk: has

Brian Landrigan: wow... tht explained it really well in a rap

Brian Landrigan: ahah

Liam Durk: i try

Brian Landrigan: explain yourself with 5 adjectives

Liam Durk: legit, adventurous, outgoing, pleasureable, phanominal(sp)

Brian Landrigan: any other words of the wise you want to give to your fellow newschoolers

Liam Durk: keep the hate down, winters almost here.

4:15 PM

Brian Landrigan: wordddd!!!! see you on firday!


Brian Landrigan: word

Brian Landrigan: taking the train $60 what what

Liam Durk: peace im outie to get some foody