Do you like terrain parks? Do you like the feeling of the wind breezing through your hair while you're greasing a rail or banging the shit out of a landing? I know I do. Actually, I don't like it, I love it! Some people, tragically, do not know the sweet and simple enjoyment of a terrain park at their home mountain.

No one likes just skiing groomers. No one! Thankfully, there's good people like my former college roommate Alex that are doing something about it. Alex is working directly with and a few other unnamed sources to bring a terrain park to a resort near you (if you live in the Montana/Wyoming region). He's taking many steps so Bozeman's finest can enjoy the finer things in life such as decent jumps and rails to play on. Some of you may be saying, "Gosh darn it, Mike. That's awesome but I live in Erie, PA. What does a park in Montana do for me?" Well young buck, here's what it does:1) It continues the growth of freeskiing (which is good for EVERYONE)2) It provides fellow jibbers the chance to enjoy a well built terrain park3) If successful, Alex will help YOU with the process of building and/or improving your own terrain park. EVERYBODY WINS! Alex isn't some 12 year old bitching to a ski patroller. He's a college educated scholar taking proper steps such as writing a professional proposal, setting up meetings with management, and working directly with our very own Mr. Bishop to make this happen. Please do me, Alex,, and yourself a favor and head over to this thread and fill out the survey. It'll make the world a better place for jibbers everywhere!
This idiot is filling out the survey. So should you!Thanks,-Rogge