The D-splash water ramp camp in Québec city is filling up fast . Make sure to check out the website if you want to reserve your spot . http://www.d-splash.comWe have about 15 more place left total and about 3-4 for the sessions 2. For those who don't know what is the d-splash camp . This is a little bit more info. D-splash water ramp and trampoline camp is now in it’s third year of operation. The camp was started to help build for the future of freestyle skiing. We are proud to announce bigger name and more sessions this yearAir sense is something that is vital to a freestyle skier. Not only to advance ones self in the sport, but also to prevent injury and help prolong an active involvement in the sport you love.Water ramps and trampolines help build air awareness without the dangers of landing on snow the first time you attempt a trick/maneuver. And as we have seen in the progression of this sport over the winter, air awareness has been pushed to the highest levels.Last summer we were able to develop a lot of new techniques on the tramps which allowed the skiers to have a lot more air sense and comfort with their new tricks. This allowed the new tricks to be brought safely to the water ramps right after learning them.At D Splash we want to infuse our campers with the best professional skiers in the world. These professionals will be training as well for their upcoming season. This will help show the campers what drive, skill and motivation it takes to be the best at the sport we love.