StartFragmentD-Structure is proud of their athletes. To start with Charles Gagnier who, although just returning from a knee injury is killing it again. Charles says to us that he feels really confident and that he is more than ready to rule the contest seen again. Watch him at X-Games because I think he is holding on some new tricks for this particular event. Kim Lamarre, also comming back from a knee injury is proving that she is well confident as well as on top of her game finishing in second place at the last Dew Tour just after the astonishing performance of Kaya Turski, another D-Structure rider, who must I say rides just like a guy. She nailed every feature of the course just like she is supposed too. And how about we talk about JF Houle now? I must say he suprised me a lot at this stop of the Dew Tour. I have been hanging out with him for the last couple years and I know from experience that JF doesn’t like it when his skiing sucks because he gets frustrated and starts screeming a lot and sometimes want to throw every peice of equipment he has, but JF always keeps going and skis until he is satisfied. He is certainly not a quitter and his attitude enables him today to have sucess in his life. Congratulations buddy !Finally, we also have to mention the performance of Alexis Godbout finishing 3rd at slopestyle as well as Phil Casabon who is ready also to win contests. Thanks to all of you to put up such a good show and to lead the sport in the good direction.D-Structure rules !