Rebuilds Itself From Scratch – New Freeskiing Site September 30, 2006 --For Immediate Release Whistler, BC – Who let the dogs out? After a few years of infiltrating the freeskiing web world straight from the underground, has plans to share its goods with the globe – as long as you share back. Recently rebuilt from scratch, the cult-classic web mag known for its tomfoolery content, Whistler backcountry adventures and Gaper Day antics is now packed with some long-awaited features for users and abusers to enjoy all the same. With photo uploading, video posting and ranking, article commenting and unlimited user blogging, skiers are now invited to tell their unbiased ski tales to the world. Backcountry shredders can log their trip reports, newskoolers can show-off their steez, and wanna-be’s can photoshop images to pretend they’re hotter than you or your mom. Meanwhile the meat of the site will stay fresh with regular featured ski articles, industry news, athlete and photographer profiles, featured videos, events, and more candid stories from behind the scenes of freeskiing’s biggest moments. Creators and Whistler skiers Jamie Bond and Andre Charland figured it’s due time to properly unleash the Pacific North-West’s ski scene upon the world and hopefully get the world to counter the attack by upping the anti. “I’m amped to see this site take its new form” says Bond, “…our new format is like jello, we can keep tweaking and tweaking it all season long as content and user numbers grow.” He explains the site is all about improving skiers’ online experience; complementing other ski sites, leveraging the photo and video sharing sites already thriving - and bringing it all together. Be it hosted on or feeding from people’s home blogs, news blogs or photo albums, soon it’ll all be streaming into one clean and easy place to share it all. Soon? …busted. Like they said, it’s like Jello, changing and improving just as often as the content comes in. It ain’t finished yet. Check back often to see the evolution. For a good time… check out -end-